Without knowing what’s coming up, and who I am going to battle, I feel lazy to figure out Banned User You have been blocked from posting on these Message Boards. Ultimately, if Malistaire could have anything in the Spiral, it would be to reunite with his wife again, as if nothing had happened. Wll i think that this new boss is like the second malistare or some thing like that and any ways i havent faced her yet but i do think she will be pretty hard i wish she was more easy. Learn how to subscribe to the KingsIsle Blog. In the earliest story development of Wizard , it was important that the villain be memorable. However, she was never content to learn at the slow pace he dictated.

Now in the same quest dialogue, we find out that Morganthe intended to cage Aztecosaurs in her torturous choir. If anyone would be willing to explain all this to me, that would be wonderful! I would encourage you to play through and experience the story for yourself. Newer Post Older Post Home. After that, the player Wizard will encounter new worlds and even new realms of magic. I’ve been thinking about her last speech back in Xibalba, where she left in a hurry to return home and build her Celestial Choir. With that being said, what’s her real goal? On a more real-world note, Morganthe is a dead-ringer for the actress who voices her, which always helps when writing dialogue.


When you go to heal him, surprise!

If you don’t want to spoil it, it is fine. And the only way to do that would be to rewrite the Song of Creation with her Celestial Choir. I have searched and only found the little flash intro videos on Wizard She is the Archvillain for this Story Arc. Email Address never made public. Jan 17, Posts: In the last world where u were supposed to fight her she should escape.

The Villains of Wizard101

You beat him, onto Dragon. Jan 27, Posts: Helenie Nightseer on Jan 9, wrote:. Feb 24, Posts: In the Tomb of Storms, you have Krokhotep as an ally, and beat Krokopatra. The only thing is that I barely have any time to play nowadays, and if I do, I’m usually procrastinating my storyline quests, as I find Wintertusk much more interesting and rewarding.

Her name, Morganthe, comes from a few places. She had to be more ruthless, with a bigger goal in mind, but just as memorable as Malistaire.

Morganthe storyline. | Wizard Free Online Games

You should make light magic. Make spells with multiple criteria or producing different effects over different rounds. Hope this was really helpful. Wizards can complete Wizard City and explore far off worlds.

And we also know that the Shadow Queen traveled to Azteca in search of the final secrets of Astral magic, so that she can rewrite the words to the Song of Creation, and rebuild the Spiral wizadd101 her own image.


Got any theory of your own? He joins his wife. Connecting the dots, what if the Celestial Choir’s melody would brainwash or put under illusion all the creatures of the Spiral?

Learn how to subscribe to the KingsIsle Blog. We wanted a new villain for our next big story arc. Today by blog reader request, we have a little bit more background on the villains of Wizard!

Jun 19, Posts: It is very interesting. There’s the Jade Oni. Where can I read 3 Arcs as story? Nov 28, Posts: On stoyrline more real-world note, Morganthe is a dead-ringer for the actress who voices her, which always helps when writing dialogue.

Morganthe Story Line? | Wizard Free Online Games

But she was wrong—she made a tragic mistake and nearly destroyed Wizard City, and thus Merle Ambrose and the other professors were forced to take away her magic and expel her from Ravenwood. Spoiler alerts to wixard101 who has not gone through this part of the game yet!

You then go to Scotland Yard roof streets; Watson is your guide.