Zafaria is a neat place and i’m sure KI has worked hard to bring it online, but there is a problem with it, see I particuarly love the African themed music Although not much actually happened in Nightside, I loved the discovery of it. I think KI should adjust this aspect of the game since most of us at level 60 don’t want to waste our new level experience bar on quests that we’ve already done. Sep 19, Posts: In order to have access to a teleporter, you had to first walk to it and activate it yourself.

The Hive had loads of cheating bosses. KI requires that players have to get the key to Celestia first, even if you’ve already done this and have finished Celestia. I am level 60 on my storm character, I have all finished Celestia and Wintertusk main quests, and I do not have a quest in my log called Through This Door, yet I still cannot get the quest from Ambrose to get to Zafaria. The numerous shields made soloing difficult, but the battle was interesting nonetheless. A tad too easy. I can’t wait till i get to go to Zafaria.

S I would love to see the introduction of a Zafaria gift pack from the Crowns Shop.

Taking some inspiration from Pirate, companion quest helpers were a welcoming addition. It was too short!


Zafaria quest guide

If she doesn’t have it, check back with Inyanga Whitestripes Zebra fellow you first see upon entering Zafaria. The long lonely walks. Is it a main quest or a side quest? Can anyone think of a reason why? After five hours soloing I completed it and I’m happy to say I’m now it Zafaria Best and WorstWizard May 17, Posts: Whether you trained Gargantuan or not, you should have gotten the quest for the Zafaria Sun school trainer ordeg the time you opened up the Drum Jungle.

Author Message Elite Warrior.

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Sep 19, Posts: Vanessa Mythdust on January 30 By the time I reached the Great Spyre, it was toned down a bit from what it was originally. If you’re eager to get to the new world and the lag is too bad, maybe it’s possible to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday. May 29, Posts: My trouble with the Celestia defeat and collect quests makes my charred knife experience seem like nothing! Although not eizard101 actually happened in Nightside, I loved the discovery of it. I only wish we had more to do there.

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Wintertusk, and now at Wysteria Heliphant storgline, and yet no Zafaria quest. Unlike the rest of Marleybone, the layout of Newgate Prison really stood out to me.


I wish I could go to Zafaria I”m only level 42 or 43 I should be there in a month! Maybe an expansion one day? The layout, the cut scene, and the huge dragon eye in the background made this instance feel worthy of the grand finale. Follow Wizard for the latest news! Wintertusk and the quest “through this door”.

Remember, if this isn’t possible, I’m sure by next week there will at least be one realm that wizar1d01 overly crowded, so just be patient. Mar 12, Posts: Dec 24, Posts: Zafaria is on line and i cant get logged on. Wizard has grown tremendously since The dreaded charred knife.

Author Message 2×4 two step. Aug 12, Posts: Simply, there is not enough battle areas to even get the first couple quests done.