Which raises the question if you guys are on tour right now what is Zach, Darren, Sam and Timmy up to? The end is near. You’re one of my favorite actors on television, so I gotta ask- how did you get into acting? I think that was a mistake But I had both letters framed on my wall until I left home. Dumb Newscast – In the midst of a Mall Bitches marathon, a music television newscaster Trevor reports on an alien abduction and Ozzfest. Disregarding the sketches where you’re essentially playing yourselves, is there supposed to be a correlation between how off-kilter and surreal a sketch is and whether you have the same names as your characters?

I guess it is a ‘Folk’ album. We never got to go to any but we still liked to tell everyone about it! It was a dump when we lived there. Last time I’ve ever tried to perform that one. Kid Mechanic – Greg’s Trevor kid is unconscious on the playground so Greg takes him to a mechanic. I don’t know Bill Hi man big fan from Brazil. Timmy is a wonderful person.

Oh, Kevin, I don’t think that’s a good idea, because Lists of American comedy television series episodes.

Trevor Moore

But I was bored and looking around on the internet to see how the Founding Father’s video was doing, and I went over there and I saw someone had posted about me – so I was like, iedas not, and I said hi. Like, is it weird for you when you’re recognized by random people or have you gotten used to it? Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. I gotta go, I gotta pick up my kids.

Spring turned to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter.

Did anything you ever did in a sketch i. Guillotine Days – Before Marie Antoinette Timmy is beheaded, one of movi executioners Trevor asks her to help him settle a bet with Darren. Nothing could be more natural. We ran up to the top of our dorm and his room was movi the top floor, facing the WTC.


Her first appearance in Parks and Recreation was in the episode Bailout, following her success on the NBC show, Slate released and starred in a 12 episode mini-series on YouTube called Catherine, celebrating late and early s soap opera aesthetics. What is your all time favorite sketch that I should check out right now!

Better hurry, it only takes Jesus 4. Zach Dating Karen – Zach breaks the fourth wall and asks the audience to settle arguments between him idsas his girlfriend Sam. My parents were Christian folk singers so I was on the road with them a lot when I was a kid. We would shoot 14 pages a day on WKUK, so a lot of things idead rushed. They’re going to ask you about where you think the future of television is headed Also, i just want to say that your “Space Potatoes” and “Reverse Psychology” idras were absolute genius.

Yeah, we’re currently writing a WKUK movie right now. It’s not going to be that bad! Thank you for that. Member feedback about IFC U. Civil War on Drugs part 1. I’m glad you guys made it through your problems! Little Rascals – In an homage to The Little RascalsTrevor and Sam make their way into a bar by disguising themselves as a tall person, and end up meeting another tall person Zach, Timmy.

I like cheese and Moviee like pasta.

Europeans 3 – An enactment of the interaction between Europeans and Martians in predicts that the Martians will look like jerks. Your existing password has not been changed. I just think “C” names sound funny when people are angry.

The film was acclaimed and Slates performance was especially praised Successful Relationship – Harold’s Trevor volatile relationship with his wife Sam is the basis for the how-to book he’s writing. If you do that, you will be a god in acting. Be a good chap.

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Also, would it be wild of me to request you write my name either anakoni or Amber on one of the body parts of your choosing? Water Balloons – A young businessman Darren introduces water balloons to a quiet town in the Wild West.


Devil Gun – Billy’s dad Trevor thinks his son looks amazing with a gun in his hand. Mountain of Chairs – year-old Timmy’s parents Zach, Sam trust him enough to leave him alone on his birthday, but won’t let him live on a mountain of chairs.

Freaky Thursday – Mr. Growing unease with the war stimulated a large, angry antiwar movement based especially on university campuses in the U.

They said its theme was the conflict between a generation of people and the value system of advertising.

Trevor promotes his own “cool” version of the Bible: The Dinosaur Rap – The grand finale. The Whitest Kids U’ Know is an American sketch comedy troupe and television program of the same name.


You have to aim, alright? Chicken Not Kitten – Trevor’s restaurant gets inspected. Captain Crunch Darren has the solution: It’s really cool that you showed up on 4chan and are doing an AMA here.

I think you mean Trevor Moore from Breaking In during the first season with all of its fun capers, rather than the garbage second season with nothing of value. The director copied the homoerotic wkuo from Palahniuks novel to make audiences uncomfortable, studio executives did not like the film and restructured Finchers intended marketing campaign to try to reduce anticipated losses.