Will the elevator come? Get with Ji Hyun. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I repeat here than it’s written by someone with very creepy sadistic tendencies. Jung-woo goes running out of the hospital into the snow, all the way to their playground. As soon as he turns the thing on? Uhm Hyo Sup Supporting Cast. After, again, reading your post more cautiously, I get your point of frustration about the trending theme of krdrama recently, they’re getting to dark and gloomy, yet somehow its just pointless, just selling tears and misery..

I think your comments open up a good debate topic. Love them to BITS. Go somewhere else to troll What’s up with that? She is taking on Ji-hyun character so well. They are important to the story, but i preffer reading them. In-jung reels at the realization that the friend she was betraying was thinking so much of her that she left wearing that dress just to show it to her.

He demands to know where Soo-yeon is. Detective Kim takes Jung-woo to the river, and Jung-woo wonnderful that he ran away. A woman is raped in America every two minutes so just ignoring things that happen in everyday life and focusing on just the good stuff doesn’t depict real life at all. There’s the tea-cups, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper cars, arcade, cotton candy and corndogs yet to be had.

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And your face is not your real one. Lonewolf November 16, at 5: Llfe Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Natalie Wondwrful 25, at 9: I really think that Kang’s going to be more and more aware that the girl he’s concerned about is displaying a lot of weird similarities to his comatose beloved, and all those things she’s blurting out like cheating fiance and best friend, will come to haunt him later.


I kinda dislike Ji-hyun which of course makes the show really hard to watch because I get distracted by her ridiculous personality Btw did anyone notice that Kang rhymes with Kangaroo? I dont understand this moment xD. First of all, all that silly torture. Maybe a series update in the future???? Been eposode all day for this!!!!

So, I appreciate the show for acknowledging that some people unfortunately get to experience how ugly human beings can be, instead of treating such people’s experiences as some verboten topic. He refuses to wnderful her another chance, and she asks angrily if this is why he was being nice—just to spring this on her using banmal in her anger. Episodes by odilettante.

He falls to the ground. I thought you were only good at remembering names, but you must be good at being delusional too. Feel-good dramas don’t have the ability to ‘solve the problems of the youngsters of SK’.

I think I’ll just stick to reading the recaps Well thank you for affirming all the fears that rape victims have that prevents them from talking to someone or seeking help after these things happen. She refuses to enter the elevator and makes a run for it. Ji Hyun won’t take the elevator if she gets the three tears. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

Would that be inspiring story rite? If death looks like than, I don’t mind going Episode 12 by LollyPip. Wonderrful we’re watching by DB Staff.

I have made that point myself when describing why I enjoy horror movies, but want to be scared, not grossed out. I can’t even watch this drama because it scares me since there’s so much sadness in it so I had to come read the recaps.

Stepmom and the maid drag her away before she can say anything else, but she leaves the journal behind. Might consider marathoning it once it’s over, mainly because like what you and JB wrote, the pain is too much. I watch IMY because somehow I feel connected to the story. NOOO continue recapping pleaseee!!!


Jung-woo lies in his bed practically catatonic, while his little sister Ah-reum cries because he cries, and tries fruitlessly to cheer him up with a song. Uhm Hyo Sup Supporting Cast. Meg November 16, at 3: I hate this kind of lofe. I want to watch it but with a busy life as a wondertul student, i dont think i can watch this drama.

I ship them so hard. It’s disturbing to dramacrxzy about, but it’s part of reality.

The King Loves

Maybe Ji Damacrazy will wonnderful up with him, you both of them regaining their lives. But when both Won and Rin fall in love with Eun San, what will happen to their ambitions and friendship? Annie November 15, at He got paged here, because his host-body-injury-dar sounded an alarm at him. Shouldn’t wnderful be more interested in Owl or Eyeore? OMG its overkill 2 much trauma!

She is a kind, thoughtful, intelligent woman with a great deal of value to contribute to the discussions here and she deserves some respect as a human being.

She sits numbly, even as Hyung-joon shows her the newspaper with her own murder in the headlines. Hopefully it’ll tell the story of how these kids would overcome their traumatized experience and move on with their life. Have to agree on this.

There was something entirely cold about Nice Guy despite its slickness. The dramacraazy at the shop gives her a cold dose of reality instead: