And that just proves my theory that Ders has been holding back our super friendship this whole time. Yeah, you know, it’s gotta mess with his head. Dude, if he were here right now, I’d be like Yeah. But we have a few questions about our house. It’s got the Goes a little Oh, man, dad dicks, right? So the guys visit a retirement home and meet Adam’s grandfather, in an attempt to get Adam put back on his grandfather’s health insurance plan. Oh, yeah, buh-bye, Ders!

They get threatened by Lisa’s boss Cortez, who turns out to be Karl. The one at monteezys house was a great exception. Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by dickless here. You know, I didn’t masturbate until I was 18 years old? They turn down offers from their future employer, Alice, at the TelAmeriCorp booth. Don’t just stand there. I’m just at the house going over some business stuff.

Hey, we have to eat that! Sorry, we’re the X-Men. How does he not know your best friends exist? So, uh, yeah, this is the main hallway here. Look, guys, my dad’s visiting tomorrow. Who was that guy who played Thor? All of your towels were my towels.


I’d like your room, but a Holmvik never sleeps in another man’s bed. Smoking out of a pine cone.

So you guys are sure we got all the photos out of that house of me, right? Probably has big old Schlonger as well, huh?

The Meat Jerking Beef Boys

The dog that originally attacked them was actually her seeing eye dog, that Ders killed! I’m sure your dad has huge heart.

It’s definitely not safe here, dad. Roll the dice, hit the bong, then beev your beer for the amount of seconds you rolled. Sir I can’t go on just not saying this so, um No, no, no. A variation of Dungeons and Dragons. Goddamn, you’re gonna get some wild tail in this car.

Trouble arises, however, when the men’s manager Tim Heidecker catches them kissing and kicks them out of the group. I think there’s something shrinking dad dicks. I know what’s going on here. Can’t wait to meet the guy.

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If we get outta here by Sunday, it’s perfect. Marinade ’em and then masturbate to ’em. I had to tell him that I was a VP at Telamericorp. That’s not a stage car to go along with a stage class? That’s funny because why’d you ditch us and go epissode Retaliation solo?


We’d like to play apples to apples with Thor! That a long hug. Jillian delivers pizza now?

I lost it when Adam was breaking the panes of glass in the back door to unlock it. The group finds a creepy painting of the former employee that keeps showing up throughout the office during renovations.

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I won’t do that if we hang the meat in there. That’s like “the proudest dad ever” moment right there. You got it, no problem. That’s a good call.