Vandana asks how could she be so careless. Vandana asks why would they do, who hate her so much. In the evening, vikrant comes back to find everything silent and calm, and wonders where is everyone. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. She shows that its beside the havan kund, and that he should get it for his mother. Sarita says that they have a love hate relationsip, sour and sweet. Vikrant leaves with sarita, while raj watches on. I say Raj is a fool.

She asks divya how does she know Raj. Just then, she is thronged with munni and her friends. Punar Vivah 2 12th September Written Update. The latest episode shows him proposing his love to her and Sarita too accepts his love. Lately Sarita and Divya have been conspiring together so that Raj does the right thing. Browsing All Articles Articles.

Vandana asks kamla what does he want, and goes onto reprimand him for this brash behaviour. Just then, Abhi comes in crying and they are tensed.

Vikrant and Sarita get married. Meanwhile, the wrigten happens while granny wishes that sarita gets happiness vvah time. She runs to save raj from electrocution. She thinks that whatever people might try noone can seperate them from abhi.

When he reaches, the principal tells him that abhi hit another child with stone, and he has sustained head injury. Sarita begins to attend to what vikrant needs. Later, sarita is tensed that vikrant epissode asked her to come yet. Kapil Sharma reacts after fans urged Salman Khan to act against him Such third party cookies may track your use on Filmibeat sites for better rendering. Vikrant asks him not to serve such calorific food to abhi.

Pnuar is right to stay where she is with Vikrant and work on their relationship. She instructs abhi umees say sorry to Vikrant, and he complies, and also apologises on her behalf.


Precap — Rohans mom is scared seeing all the lights come and go. But ignored by everyone, in her heart, she too is scared, and crosses her fingers that he too must be waiting for her still.

Meanwhile, Raj suddenly realizes that he loves Sarita and tells her about his feelings. Vikrant too smiles and goes off to sleep.

Indian television soap operas Zee TV television series Indian television upnar debuts Indian television series endings Shashi Sumeet Productions series Hindi-language series dubbed in Telugu. Kajri says that she would have to wait and see what is vandana capable of doing.

Punar Vivah 21st November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Abhi asks if he can take his mother home now. But sarita comes and distracts him, and they get into a verbal scuffle as usual.

You can change your city from here. Vikrant asks Raj to leave.! She goes ivvah to dicuss furniture with her, while she is getting bored. Change in time slot for Punar Vivah-2? Notify me of new comments via email. He asks abhi what if she comes to mumbai wih them. After being married for 10 years they decided they had waied long enough and they should just separate so at least Raj can get married writhen his love Divya.

Punar Vivah 2: Raj Confesses His Love To Sarita Complicating Their Lives Again

Kamla and soham asks whats this important work that he wants to finsih. She goes on to put him to sleep, while telling him a story. He tells Rohan to hurry.! But the efforts fail and Divya goes away because she does not want to be responsible for breaking up Sarita’s marriage. Epiaode says that what he knows is the half truth. He co0mes to her and calls her name.


He happily takes sarita and begins to move towards the car. The screen freezes on her shocked face. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing. Sarita throws a barrage of questions at him. But Sarita on the other hand, though would say yes to him, would them recoil from him when she remembers about Vikrant and Divya.

Divya gets very tensed wondering if something happened to him. Contestants pay homage to legendary Kannada actors. He says that he punr know soon. She shows that its beside the havan kund, puunar that he should get it for his mother.

Punar Vivah Written Updates

Vandana too is tensed. Shiela is shocked to see Raj at the temple.! Raj doesnt answer and takes her inside. She asks divya how does she vkvah Raj. I agree am happy that Kajal is not in our life. He asks if he should apply the medicine. She puts up a smile for him, not to tense him.

One sister is reminded of Raj being the same guy, who off loved in college. She asks why the room is decorated. She is shocked and says that finally he managed to free her from himself. They ask what does he mean.

She thinks that she cant wait for another moment, and wishes that time would fly and get him in front of her. I am so loving the way things are going right now.