Wubbzy must save Polly from the tree. Premiere week [ ] On April 27, , a ‘premiere week’ of new episodes was aired and lasted throughout April 30, before the actual movie premiere on May 1. Brian Hogan Written by: Wubbzy stays up late watching scary movies and believes he sees the monsters from the movies in real life. Wubbzy decides to move to the Wubb Club, but on his first day living in the Wubb Club, everything goes haywire. Wubbzy gets a case of “nasty nose,” where his nose gets all swollen and polka-dotted. But when Wubbzy loses his voice after drinking all the lemonade, he and the others find Daizy, who can sing really good.

So, the 3 friends brainstorm creative solutions to Wubbzy’s problem. A popular all-girl music group comes to Wuzzleburg and hosts a contest called Wuzzleburg Idol. Ty Ty the Tool Guy voice of Ty Pennington helps the gang coordinate a house-rebuilding project for the Quacker family, but soon Wubbzy, Daizy, Widget and Walden bicker over their construction method. Wubbzy decides to move to the Wubb Club, but on his first day living in the Wubb Club, everything goes haywire. The Masked Singer 7. But when the Horrible Beasty Beast appears, intending to scare everyone and eat Wuzzleburg, Wubbzy uses the loud bugle to scare him away.

Views Read Edit View history. Today is Easter so Widget offers to help Wubbzy decorate the Easter eggs with her new machine. When Wubbzy plays chase with a dinosaur flul, the townspeople believe he has saved Wuzzleburg. The wind picks up, the tower tilts and Wubbzy falls, but the fire fighters can rescue him just in time.

So he uses Daizy’s grow spray to make more doodleberries Wubbzy is offered a role in the new Wubb Girlz movie as a literal star.

“Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” Wubb Girlz Rule!/Wuzzleburg Idol (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Walden unleashes his alter ego when the Wuzzleburg Boogie Bash is coming. Widget builds a machine bringing a crazy and mischievous book character called the Hopping Dipple Dop to life, who causes wubg all around Wuzzleburg on a search for his cat. The show aired a total of 52 episodes over two seasons, and two additional specials, with the final special airing on May 1, Wubbzy delivers Valentines Day cards when the mailman do not feels well.


Wubbzy is flying with a balloon and gjrlz Widget and Walden.

But Walden declines it because it’s not in his schedule. Later, when Chef Fritz is making pancakes on the top of a building, Wubbzy and Daizy mistake it for a fire to put out and Wubbzy gets stuck on top of the building.

So, Widget repairs it up with the right tools and makes it extravagant. Wubbzy finds a Woogle Bugle, but it makes a loud noise, so everyone pleases him to be quiet. Instantly find any Wow! The second season premiered on September 2, Wubbzy tries to solve a puzzling mystery by using his new detective kit when everybody is gone on his birthday party.

Wubbzy needs help to focusing, noticies an epislde in jam and he has to helping. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Widget loses not only her lucky Wiggle-Wrench, first she builds the super stepper Then she builds the super sifter and she builds the super scooper but she did not look everywhere but her confidence as well. In a minute DVD extended version, Wubbzy gets very nervous when he knows all the differences between his hometown and Wuzzlewood so he runs away.

Live Updates From the 91st Academy Awards 4. Wubbzy takes care of Moo-Moo’s magic shop but causes trouble when he girz the magic words wrong constantly. Wubbzy plays with his toy train and did not notice The WubbGirlz arriving.

They both want the Tiki card so they keep acting nice, but phonily, to Earl. Let us know what you ful

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But when Wubbzy loses his voice after drinking all the lemonade, he and the others find Daizy, who can sing really good. Walden refuses to let fulll stop at fun places along the drive to Wuzzlewood. Daizy then gets out help from Walden, Widget and the firefighters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wubbzy and Daizy find a uni-horn and Daizy wants to keep it as pet.


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Epsode is the big Wuzzleburg Derby, and Wubbzy’s car is run-down. Mayor Whoozle commissions Daizy to tend to the Wuzzleburg garden, but she thinks she lost her gardening abilities with a purple thumb.

A desperate Wubbzy then gets told by the Wubb Girlz that performing together is the best way to conquer stage-fright.

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Retrieved from ” https: Widget’s new invention fails and she gets a bad case of depression. The gang finds a treasure map in a library book. Home About Brooke Blog Contact. There is a twist because he does not know it belongs to Cupid, so he ends up creating odd couples all over Wuzzleburg A bright and cheery cartoon about a playful critter named Wubbzy and his two best friends, Widget and Walden, is geared to preschoolers with its colorful characters, catchy songs and silly story lines.

Backstage, Walden tells Wubbzy how to cure stage fright using. When Wubbzy and Widget come back they find Walden taking wbub nap. Cartoon Episode Guide by Dave Koch.