Steam Damages Freedom Of Speech! You have to rejoin it in Albion Beta. Depending on the current state of the X-universe economy and how many UTs the player has this can be easy or annoying. If you started as Terran, then stop now, this is an Argon plot. Now your told to take out the remaining Terran lasertowers after which you get told to patrol the sector and a new wave of enemy jump in. If your game start is not as Argon Peacekeeper, then you begin with a Link mission. I found the best way is to enter the sector map, select your spring blossom, choose ‘autopilot’ and ‘launch all marines’. Xenon fighters found in Xenon sectors or in patrols tend to have extremely high morale 90 however those spawned by Patrol or Generic Battle Ships missions have considerably less?

I recommend you turn on the mission guidance. If your feeling brave, go there, otherwise the sectors around it and attempt to find a patrol you can handle and get an L to go blue. General musings about the two races: This is a work in progress and we are currently Jan. Why hobble yourself– go with Commonwealth starts. I would recommend making one in your favourite paranid space for easy access.. Are any of these rewards unobtainable by other means?

When your ready, you going to boost your speed pull about m in front of the TM and launch your marines.

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Well it’s not all bad. When it comes times guode kill the escort I prefer the Terrans. But here are my notes. Lastly deliver the the shuttle to Saturn The plot is now complete.


When you have 3 on board, go to the Berryl Research facility in Albion Alpha. The second Terran Plot mission starts in their space. The player is then ordered to check on another research station in Albion Alpha.

Omicron Lyrae — W 5. Then save in case you plott valuable marines.

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Another 4x Terran M3s will spawn which can be mopped up by RR ships. It’s fast, agile and its starburst shockwave cannons can actually hit fast fighters. Best fighter for carrier combat is Fenrir hands down and again its ATF and also highest speed.

All they need are E-cells which are readily available everywhere but Jupiter. The player is tasked to head to Interworlds for the escort.

Terran’s need alot more Ghide. As the player has the option to make friends with the Terrans, deca. To do this you need to acquire an Argon M3. Try to find all the jump beacons and get a lay of the land.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within X3: You can also get the unique Advanced Chokaro blueprints for siding with Beryll regardless of your choice re: Do I plpt different rewards?

So let’s earn some money. This is a WAR after all, and you are signing up to be cannon fodder! Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.


Jonferco is in a bad state so needs a TS protected carrying military supplies. You are then asked to take 3 lasertowers to Albion Alpha. Jonferco loses yet another Silicon and Ore Mine to Plutarch.

Atmosferic lifter is OP. But pllot pretty much it This plor be a great chance to land an M4 or a TS, which you can hold on to or sell for a good boost in credits just make sure to repair them first.


Congratulations Egosoft on increasing memory usage from pot to 3 Gb. Also in Paranid space, you can complete patrol missions to earn your keep and boost rep. I believe a good start is supplying the ice manufactories in Uranus 3 with the base materials they need Protein Paste, to MRE and then shipping that ice to water purifiers to make water and supply it elsewhere.

My favourite has always been the Elephant, it’s cheap, has a hangar and fairly fast. I recommend you turn on the mission guidance. This appears to be a random message, but the prompt is for you to go to another war sector.


After each piece of dialog the guuide will be asked to keep a closer pllt despite not needing to. How can you build a complex without building a station? If you have any marines with over fight, you might want to put them in a dedicated training program. This is a cheap high initial investment to buy factory way of adding stations to Terran space, but they’re still lacking the basic food necessities needed to run these factories. What happens if I choose to use one of the three corporations?

Your EMPC’s seem to be wider than most ships, so try rolling until they are strafing horizontally across to increase accuracy. Moving from the M6 to the M7 is a big step up.