I backed out of that place real slow. To the Beautiful You Favorite. Unfortunately, she realizes belatedly that she has dropped her ticket and picked up his mp3 player. Dad nods and she asks how long Dad intends to keep the truth about Mom from Tae-joon. With the competition between the dorms, it at least gave us something to watch each week. Not sure what that says about him, lol. Caitlyn October 1, at 4:

But it’s not the title track, so hopefully it’ll be used more sparingly Park Shin Hye is added in my favorite korean actress list. Nervous, she stammers and hits a button on the toilet, which spews water at her. I really love Sulli’s acting. I know, I know, it’s just a drama but I can’t connect to a drama that doesn’t make any sense. I’m pretty impressed with him! Which, by the way, Oliver Twist, anyone.

She stares back… and he leaves her hanging. I agree they r all perfectly cast. You have NO idea how excited I was for this drama until I read your review. Tae-joon finds a pot of flowers waiting for him on his desk the same ones he admired when he and Jae-hee were at a florist. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But must say I am IMPRESSED by his acting so far, he’s deff better than lots of the idols who transitioned over, he’s dramarcazy good with his eyes- there’s something so expressive about them and that crying scene was wow.

I do think they were stupid to change so much from the source manga though. I went fangirl crazy when I found a commercial they did together for Etude House where they had to kiss:.


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But I made myself sit through them so I could understand the story. I’m not mentally checking out, I’m not ignoring all the plot holes and being shallow and fanwanked by the pretty. I think we are in for a good ride!! When his dad walked in, his face went from being so warm to being so hard and annoyed as hell.

Maybe they are just background pretties? Tae-joon tries to take pictures of Jae-hee without her looking.

You’re Beautiful

D I really do like this drama, but, JH! But i really think gummimochi is being unfair here and the expectations are way out of sync with what the show is supposed to be. JELL music on it. This drama honestly makes me happy and hopeful. Minho’s my oppa but I would still join: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

It hits the right notes for me and I think it’s being sold short over superficial stuff. I have been completely uninterested in this drama through all the hype because 1 the male lead looks like a girl and 2 the female beatuiful, who is supposed to look like a boy, looks like a girl.

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I’m sure Sulli herself is quite fit as dancers generally have a good core and she does a lot of dancing with her little singing group.

You’re right that like the manga, the story wasn’t intended and perhaps can’t support more serious notes in storytelling and my expectations and outlook were similar to yours as well: And so, Mi-nyeo moves in to the mansion and marvels at its luxuries. Minho is slowly improving and it would be nice if he gets more offers in dramas. P but i’ll let it slide. Jae-hee returns to school with a heavy heart and Eun-gyul walks up to her and asks if something bad happened.


It’s only 2 eps left and from the next ep clip I don’t think they will be in ep 15 either. I don’t see the need to nitpick at why jaehee knows about taejoons school but not his egg eating preferences though thats easy to discern- his school would be public info, his egg thing a personal tibit in which she knows both now so that would make the point moot cuz she would past with flying colors on a taejoon test.

This site uses cookies. This is what Hana Kimi should have been. See what your seed of doubt did there Doc? Thanks for the recaps! Mysoju is not working,n epdrama n dramacrazy has their link broken.

You milk it beautiiful what it’s worth! Based on body type, Taejoon’s body is more archetypical of a high jumper than Hyun Jae. It thought it did a good job of bringing out her angst