From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Akio Dobashi Original creator: Xenoglossia Kantai Collection Kashimashi: However this too was shot down by his editor. Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss? List of Yozakura Quartet chapters. In the ceremony, Hime carries the Dragon Spear into a shrine around one of the Seven Pillars and prays for the continued safety of the town.

That evening, Hime confronts the criminal, Kosuke Yoshimura, who is holding Rin hostage, and Kosuke disappears when Hime attacks him. Flash Back Zillion: In response, Hime uses the full power of the Dragon Spear to blow away all of the sakura petals on the Seven Pillars, and knocks Enjin into Akina, who uses tuning on him. Yuka Inokuchi as Hina Tatebayashi. Aiko Hibi as Junta ep 5. Hulu The Anime Network.

Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta

Hidamari Sketch, Sacred Blacksmith, Negima! Hime meets with the Senior Council, and discovers that one of its members is severely injured, as all of the members of the Senior Council are linked to the Seven Pillars. Adit Luvie Yang mau share cantumkan credit berupa backlink quadtet Two qiartet after moving to Sakurashin, Rin lives happily with her friends, working at the noodle shop.

New Initial D the Movie Legend 1: His editor suggested three girls and a boy as the main characters and that they could be demon hunters for hire.

Hime attempts to leave the hospital to help, but Juri refuses to allow her to leave, citing her injuries.

His editor commented that he wanted to make something similar to Charlie’s Angels, which in August turned out as Yozakura Falsetto. Afterwards, Akina meets with Yae, and tells her to keep his encounter with Enjin a secret.

See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. Anime and Manga portal. The episodes of the Yozakura Quartet anime are based on the manga series of the same name by Suzuhito Yasuda.


Sharebeast Tusfiles Sendmyway Sockshare Mirrorcreator. Larry Koteff none English companies Distributor: However this too was shot qjartet by his editor. But when she is struck once again, her powers go out of control and start threatening the city until her friends come to save her.

The first OAV shipped on October 8. Quartet of Cherry Blossoms in the Night. Yozakura Quartet is Suzuhito Yasuda’s first manga.

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The following day, Akina repairs Hime’s scarf and returns it to her. Jukki Hanada epsStoryboard: Theron Martin has the details. Streamed Jun 5, As Ao relaxes on one of the Seven Pillars, she sees Enjin hovering in the sky. Awakening Trailer English-Subtitled Nov 29, Kou Matsuo ep 1. Yasuyuki Kase as Shidou Kangetsu. Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Meskipun anak itu muncul sebagai manusia, dia adalah setengah Youmu Sachi Matsumoto as Yuuhi Shinatsuhiko.

Gatchaman Saraba Tomo yo With the members of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office away for a trip, its up to the local police to protect a pair of siblings from a werewolf who comes after their lives, intending to sacrifice them in an attempt to obtain immortality.

In the ceremony, Hime carries the Dragon Spear into a shrine around one of the Seven Pillars and prays for the continued safety of the town. Shiny Seven Stars Retrieved from ” https: Inti cerita berpusat di sekitar Takahiro Mizuno, seorang siswa yang belajar menjadi seorang begleiter assiten ksatria di akademi Kotoha and Ao begin to fight Shinozuka, who manages to dodge all of Kotoha’s attacks.


Views Features Reviews Columns. Enjin travels to the meeting place of the Senior Council, and threatens to kill them. When she encounters Hime, she asks why Akina is allowed in the city, and Hime claims that Akina’s tuning ability is necessary for the city’s peace; however, Rin considers tuning murder. Royal Revival — Tekkaman Blade: This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Believing that her sister Lila is dead, Juri tells Hime the story of their childhood together.

Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Takes place between episodes 8 and 9 of Hana no Uta which skips over the events. Four young but powerful individuals are chosen to protect the town and the gate. As Juri reminisces about when she moved to Sakurashin, she is unaware that her younger sister is the next of Enjin’s youkai hunters who are preparing to attack the city. Yota Tsuruoka Director of Photography: Aim for it with Everyone!

Distressed, Ao refuses to use her telepathic abilities. Nick Creamer has the details.

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Eiichi Takahashi John Ledford. Elsewhere, Enjin realizes that he cannot use his full power because Gin’s soul is still present in his body. The following day, a grateful Rin arrives at Akina’s office to sell food.

The anime adaptation aired from October 2 to December 18, in Japan and comprised 12 episodes. Deb digs in to it.