Jocks, Cheerleaders, Hipsters, Nerds, and the Averages. Lemon’s alright and nice to see more of Rumi. Parents’ Evening by Snavej reviews Mai Taniyama never intended to become a teacher. Gene was a good student. In conclusion, I find it more appropriate that of what we have seen from the first ep, so just an assumption Andoh and Hanabusa are not participating in Henri-sensei’s project. I really liked this episode.

Amu Hinamori asked herself that question the very night that she slept with her best friend, Ikuto Tsukyomi. The staff seems to have stepped up their game, making the time-skip feel real. He wants her to set him up with her twin sister, Saruka. I don’t want it to be a messy romance like other anime Will the team be able to put their personal feelings aside to help her before the the evil entity can finally get to her? They never told us what Ichigo and Kashino’s promise was. A Vampire Love Story radiated such maturity beyond her years. So read the dramatic story about Team Ichigo and Kashigo.

When two certain cats comes back how will things get shook up? Gene was a good student.

I suppose it’s like spinning. Fukai Negai by boreum dal reviews When timid Sakura Kinomoto tries to prove herself by betting to ask out the popular Syaoran Li, he only agrees because patissierw taken on a bet as well. Oh, well, I think I don’t need to say long sentences here coz everyone’s opinion is kinda the same.


That is messed up- you all say?

Crossover – Shugo Chara! Good to see almost all the characters back in an older version. M – English – Romance – Chapters: And why is Naru so jealous of their client? Ichigo x Kashino, well we could figure out he will be the main character again sdason Season 2.

I really liked this episode. Last time it was the Easter Bunny. Utau gave Amu a very good saeson and decides to give Ikuto ‘it’. They both already have legacies they wish to continue and expand. Inspired by the OVA: She regrets every moment, but circumstances are compelling.

To prevent a heartbreak she goes out with Syaoran aka Destiny. Lemon’s alright and nice to see more of Rumi. K – English – Chapters: That “Marie’s Garden” is huge.

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That’s their job, after all. Well, really, maybe it can become a reality. The words replayed in her mind: Author has written 2 stories for Shugo Chara! Or just being beside one special person? Even as she gives up her keys, her magic and her friends, there’s one person who will not see her succumb to a life he knows she doesn’t want. Card Captor Sakura – Rated: Better yet how will people react to the news they have to share. Thank you everyone for the support!


When I saw that scene in the opening I laughed for like an hour. That was exciting, right? Can she survive 7 days with him All stories are on hiatus due to school, odd updates will happen, depending on my timetable.

Yumeiro Pâtissière SP Professional Episode 1 Discussion

I don’t really buy their reasons for leaving school early either. Kashino and Ichigo take Amu’s offer and come back to Seiyo! Picking Favorites by Hachimisu reviews When a game of truth-or-dare gets out of hand, Amu and Utau are both forced to do something they may not be ready for. Overall, this could be the start to a great season. Can they find their way to a happy ending despite the meddling of a terrible matchmaking trio?